Course Information

Course Numbering System

Ecotech Institute uses the following course numbering system:

1000-1999 Generally First-Year Courses
2000-2999 Generally Second-Year Courses
3000-3999 Generally Third-Year or Advanced Specialized Courses/Upper Division Courses

Courses requiring no prerequisite are open to all students. Prerequisite requirements are listed with the course description in the catalog. It is the responsibility of the student to know these requirements and follow them when registering. The student’s Program Director or the Academic Dean must approve any waiver of prerequisites.


The following are the official catalog course abbreviations used by Ecotech Institute:

EDU Foundation
EEN General Engineering
ELE Electrical Engineering Technology
ENG English
GEO Geography
MTH Mathematics
PUT Power Utility Technician
SCI Physical Science
SET Solar Energy Technology
WET Wind Energy Technology

Identification of General Education Courses

ENG 1010 English Composition I
ENG 1020 English Composition II
GEO 2500 Physical Geography
MTH 1010 College Mathematics
MTH 1190 Technical Mathematics for Energy Technology
SCI 1010 Physical Science
SCI 1020 Physical Science II