WET 2105 Turbine Fundamentals

This course focuses on the mechanical components and systems for utility scale wind turbines. The course provides analysis of the drive train, gear box, generator shaft alignment, as well as the yaw, brake, hydraulic, cooling, pitch, and wind measurement systems. Students will gain an understanding of what is involved in working in the wind industry including project development, wind farm site analysis, component transportation, erection and installation, commissioning, operations, and life cycle maintenance. Additional topics include history and evolution of wind turbines, terminology, types of turbines, wind turbine control, troubleshooting, and repair, as well as generator, pitch, lubrication, wind loading, and torque.

This course may include both classroom and online activities such as video, tests/quizzes, simulations, and discussion boards. This course will include out-of-class work such as reading and writing assignments, practice and practical application assignments, and projects. A minimum of five hours of out-of-class work will be assigned per week.

5.5 Quarter Credit Hours, 80 (Lecture 30, Lab 50)