SET 2005 Introduction to Photovoltaics

This course provides students with an overview of photovoltaic electricity systems and a detailed description of PV system components, including PV modules, batteries, controllers, inverters, interconnects, and system protection devices. This course also covers solar insolation (Incoming solar radiation) and site analysis, as well as PV system sizing, designing, installation planning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety.

This course may include both classroom and online activities such as video, tests/quizzes, simulations, and discussion boards. This course will include out-of-class work such as reading and writing assignments, practice and practical application assignments, and projects. A minimum of five hours of out-of-class work will be assigned per week.

5.5 Quarter Credit Hours, 80 (Lecture 30, Lab 50)


EEN 1205, MTH 1195